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GARLIC CRISPY FRIED pack in 150 grams food grade plastic bottle.

Garlic is an essential spice for cooking and medicinal use. A powerful natural antibiotic to protect your health from infections and illness. You should consume garlic regularly to improve your immune system. Garlic is a good source of manganese, vit. c, B6, Selenium, and fiber, It is also an anti-aging food. 
P 70 pesos per bottle

12 Powerful Health Benefits of Garlic 

  1. Lower cholesterol , reduce high blood pressure.
  2. Protect your heart from hypertension.
  3. Kills cancer cells and kidney infections.
  4. Kills urinary tract infection, strep throat, expels worms.
  5. cures yeast infection kills athletes foot.
  6. Kills cold sores, treat acne.
  7. Strengthen the immune system.
  8. Soothes psoriasis.
  9. Increase insulin production, Inhibits Leukemia.
  10. Remove heavy metals from the body.
  11. Strenghten immune system, help with weight loss.
  12. Reduce and regulate blood sugar.
  13. Powerful anti-biotic to protect yourself from infection and illness.


Moringa – “Miracle Tree” ,  “Tree of Life”

Moringa is full of anti-oxidants, nutrients and vitamins. This healthy green leaf can easily boost your daily energy intake of vital nutrients. It has been used for centuries due to its medicinal and health benefits in many parts of Asia and Africa. It has also been used as a sustainable food resource for its malnutrition around the food world dues to its bountiful nutritional composition.

Moringa has a very high nutritional value, its leaves are rich in vitamins C, 7 times than orange, 10 times more protein than carrots, 17 times more calcium than milk, 9 times more protein than yogurt, 15 times more potassium than banan,as and 25 times more iron than spinach.
P 200

17 Health benefits of Moringa

1. Promotes beautiful skin.
2. Stimulate hair growth 3. Anti-ulcer
4. Normalize blood sugar 5. Vision improvement
6. Reduce wrinkles/age lines
7. Nutrition for infants 6 months or older
8. Liver protection.
9. Treats urinary disorders.
10. Improves digestion. 11. Detoxification.
12. Treat kidney stones and headaches.
13. Prevents Alzheimers. 14. Improves wound healing.
15. Reduces risk of cancer.
16. Regulates chronic iron deficiency.
17. Great for joint pains.

16 Medicinal Use of Moringa

1. Anti inflamatory.
2. Antidiabetic.
3. Anti-cholesterol.
4. Anti Oxidant
5. Antidepressant.
6. Antifungal
7. Anti asthma
8. Antihistaminic
9. Antimicrobial
10. Anti-cancer
11. Anti anemia
12. Anti convulsive
13. Antidiuretic
14. Antispasmodic
15. Anti ulcer
16. Anti-diarrhea


Stevia is a sugar substitute sweetener derived from the plant Stevia Rebandiana, native in Brazil and Paraguay. Commercial used of Stevia was first introduced in Japan.
P 350


15 Health Benefits of Stevia Compare to White Sugar

1. Anti Bacterial
2. Anti Septic
3. Anti microbial
4. Anti oxidant
5. Anti diarrhea
6. Anti hair loss
7. Anti obesity
8. Anti cavities
9. Anti glycemic
10. Anti cancer
11. Anti diabetic
12. Anti hpertension
13. Anti fatigue
14. Anti heart burn
15. Anti nicotine