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“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” by, Dr. Hipprocrates, father of medicine

GOODNITE milk powder drink in two variants, choco or honey flavor in food grade plastic bottles or in pouch packaging is a sleep-inducing food  supplement full of nutrients that promote good night sleep and rest, to help repair damage body cell and tissue, like premature aging, grey hair, dry wrinkle skin, poor eyesight, weak bones and immune system early alzheimers and other health problems.
In plastic food-grade canister choco and or honey flavor.

P 290.00  (275 grams)



GOODNITE milk powder drink promotes anti-aging nutrients that calm the brain for good night sleep, prolonging long and healthy life. So make it a habit of drinking GOODNITE  milk powder drink, thirty minutes before going to bed. 
In aluminum foil pouch choco or honey flavor 

p 120.00  (120 grams)



* GOODNITE Healthy Natural Ingredients *

Powder Milk – Benefits;
* Skin Health
* Strong Teeth
* Healthy bones
* Muscle Growth
* Reduce Stress
* Bright EyeSight
* Weight loss, energy booster
* Disease Fighter

Honey – Benefits;
* Anti bacterial, Anti Cancer, Anti Fungal
* Anti Aging, Boost Memory
* Regulate Blood sugar, prebiotic
* Treats wounds, reduce ulcer

Stevia – Benefits;
* Weight control
* Cancer Prevention
* Improve Oral Health
* Regulate Blood pressure
* Skin care
* Improves bone healthy

Chocolate – Beneifts;
* Brain booster foods
* Treats nervous disorder
* Helps maintain a healthy heart
* Slows signs of aging
* Stress Reliever
* Helps prevent cancer

Chamomile – Benefits;
* Helps digestion
* Cures sleep disorder
* Regulates blood sugar
* Boost immune system
* Reduce eczema
* Cures Headache
* Heals mouth sores
* Improves skin and hair healthy
* Reduce spasm

Valerian – Benefits
* Improves Health Quality
* Can relieve anxiety
* Promotes feminine health
* Natural muscle relaxant
* Reduce risk of stroke and heart attacks.
* Cures Insomnia
* Helps prevent advance alzheimers, dementia disease

SLEEP AID is a capsulize pure valerian root, a powerful sleep-inducing herb used by ancient greeks famous doctor, father of medicine Hippocrates to treat anxiety and sleep problems that can knock you off to a good night slumber.
Drink one or two capsules thirty minutes before going to bed and sleep like a baby. Sweet Dreams!!!

* Help you to better sleep 
* Help you calming effects to relax
* Decrease restless legs syndrome 
* Decrease trembling cause by parkinson disease
* Reduce menopausal hot flashes problems
* Decrease painful  menstrual problems
* Decrease anxiety and stress

10 capsules – P 120.00
30 capsules – P 250.00
50 capsules – P 450.00

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