Best Quick Sleep Milk

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Frequently ask questions

1. Is GOOD NITE Sleep Milk safe?
Yes it is safe, approved and tested by FDA and it is safe for everyone. 

 2. When can I drink GOOD NITE Sleep Milk? 
For a better result drink one or two glasses of GOOD NITE Sleep Milk thirty minutes before going to bed.

3. How to use GOOD NITE Sleep Milk?
Thirty minutes before going to bed, drink GOOD NITE Sleep Milk (In a glass of hot water dissolve two tables poon of full GOOD NITE Sleep Milk.)

4. How to use GOOD NITE Sleep Milk?
Mix 1 sachet to 1 glass of hot water and drink 30 minutes before going to bed.

5. Can I drink GOOD NITE Sleep Milk every night?
Yes, It is highly recommended

6. How does GOOD NITE Sleep Milk help me fall asleep?
GOOD NITE Sleep Milk contains full cream and skim milk, honey, chocolate, valerian extract, chamomile extract, stevia, all the ingredients are essential nutrients and chemical to help you fall asleep faster. 

7. How fast I can receive my order?
As soon as we receive the payment, we will immediately ship / send the product.

8. Who is the first user of valerian root?
The use of valerian root dates back centuries ago to the Greek and Roman empires and was noted by Hippocrates to treat headaches, nervousness, trembling, and heart palpitation.

14 reasons why a good night sleep is important and why lack of sleep is dangerous?

1. Good night sleep improves immune functions.
2. Good night sleep can maximize athletic performance. 
3. Good night sleep improves concentration and productivity.
4. Good night sleep will lead to a long healthy life.
5. Poor sleep risk, diabetes, depression, increase inflamation.
6. Poor sleep can lead into stroke and heart disease that lead to death.
7. Poor sleep is link to obesity.
8. Poor sleep affects emotions and social interactions.
9. Poor sleep can lead to iritability and depression.
10. Lack of sleep lead to production of grey hair, dry skin and aging.
11. Lack of sleep can lead to suicidal thoughts.
12. Lack of sleep can weaken immune defense against virus like flu and common colds.
13. Lack of sleep can lead to accidents and fatal injuries.
14. Lack of sleep can lead to illness and death.